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31 Jan 2019

For the first time, environment and engineering researchers have calculated the cost of replacing pipes, roads and buildings destroyed by sea-level rise. The data is included in a new Local Government New Zealand report which spells out a dire warning about the count...

10 Aug 2018

Peter Beaven explains the Clifton to Tangoio Coastal Hazards Strategy 2120 and the role of the Living at the Edge team.

27 Jul 2018

Simon Bendall from Mitchell Daysh presents an overview of the Clifton to Tangoio Coastal Hazards Strategy 2120, and the work completed to date.

15 Mar 2018

The three Hawke’s Bay councils who committed to developing the Tangoio to Clifton Coastal Hazards Strategy are being asked to adopt and act on the recommendations of the community-based assessment panel. The local approach to community-based decision making on coastal...

28 Feb 2018

After more than a year of hard work, the Clifton to Tangoio Coastal Hazard Strategy 2120 joint committee endorsed a report which outlines preferred solutions for nine coastal areas in Hawke's Bay.

Climate change is going to have a impact on insurance in New Zealand, and homeowners are likely to pay the price. ​ The Insurance Council of New Zealand has warned that our country is one of the most vulnerable to the impact of natural disasters for an economy of our s...

Ever wondered what happened behind the scenes during the 364 days National delayed releasing vital new guidance on rising sea levels? Documents released to Newsroom under the Official Information Act describe an almost farcical series of false starts. Many dates were...

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