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'Call for action' to protect Hawke's Bay against sea level rise

The next step to make Hawke's Bay's coastline resilient and protect the communities who live along it from an expected 1.5m sea-level rise in the next century was taken today.

After more than a year of hard work, the Clifton to Tangoio Coastal Hazard Strategy 2120 joint committee endorsed a report which outlines preferred solutions for nine coastal areas in Hawke's Bay.

It also agreed to recommend three Hawke's Bay councils do the same and begin implementing the strategy.

Committee chair Peter Beaven told the meeting global warming and its effects were a "ticking time bomb" - with an unknown amount of time before it brought higher sea levels, more storms, and affected private property and public assets in the region.

"The need for us to develop resilience for our coastal communities is an absolute imperative for us. To do nothing would be irresponsible."

Sea Spray, Cape View Corner

Click on the image to read the full story from Hawke's Bay Today.

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