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A summary of events from the 1932 earthquake onwards.

Feb 1982: HB Catchment Board plans to include 200 houses from Haumoana to Clifton in a coastal “conservation” zone requiring planning hearings for any structural alterations. A public meeting at the Haumoana Hall where 200 residents unanimously objects.  The plan is amended. 
1982: Erosion substantially decreases the ponding area between the beach berm and the sea wall at East Clive which is overtopped twice.  
April 1984: Another waterfront home in Haumoana is destroyed and a metre of land eroded. A meeting of 100 residents again appeal to the HB County Council to help stop erosion. They’re reassured planting of the crest as an interim measure is about to begin.  
1985: Sea wall at East Clive moved further inland and two pumping stations established. The shoreline continues to recede.

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