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A summary of events from the 1932 earthquake onwards.

1987 - 1997: The beach crest suffered a dramatic loss of volume and a retreat inland of 25 metres.
1990s: At Clifton Beach the shoreline retreat is considered to be an average 0.75m per year; Haumoana and Te Awanga 30cm-70cm per year. 
13 July 1998: Community meeting “strongly supports” proposal for three groynes to reverse the erosion of the beach in front of the Haumoana Domain, and prevent flooding.
8 October 1998: Resource management consent ‘conditionally’ granted for five years for a groyne ‘up to 70 metres long and 18 metres wide’ adjacent to the stop bank on the southern side of the Tukituki River and two further groynes, 200 and 400 metres apart and south of the first groyne to help build up shingle on Haumoana Beach
November 1998: Application for consent for second and third groyne allegedly withdrawn but a paper released in July 2000 still confidently expects them to go-ahead. No explanation given for the failure to procede although it may be who’s going to pay?
February 1999: Construction began on the first groyne at a cost of $200,000.

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