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Hawke's Bay is developing a strategy to be prepared to deal with the challenges of coastal hazards, such as coastal inundation (flooding by the sea), coastal erosion and tsunami.

Case Study

The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement (NZCPS) guides local authorities in their day to day management of the coastal environment.

An Everyday Guide to the RMA is a set of booklets to help you with everyday matters under the RMA. The booklets explain specific RMA processes, your rights, and how you can get involved.

This page contains links to publications from the Ministry for the Environment on preparing for climate change that can assist local government decision-making.

The Environment Foundation - a charitable trust focused on preservation, conservation, protection and enhancement of New Zealand's natural environment for future generations - provides information and advice for individuals, community groups and businesses so we can all participate more effectively in environmental decision-making processes.

Can I swim here? - Find the best places to swim.

Updated several times a the day, LAWA shows the most comprehensive water quality information for recreational sites throughout Aotearoa.

Using live weather data and comparing it with our extensive database, Sherpa finds the best waves anywhere in New Zealand - for free.

Hawke’s Bay offers endless cycling options.
Take a gentle half-hour spin along the coast, or a four-day exploration of our backcountry roads, or something in between.

Escape the busyness and spend a few days exploring the unique attractions of this sunny Cape Coast trail starting in Clive, dawdling on through Haumoana, then Te Awanga on to Clifton
- and even on to Cape Kidnappers!

Preserving and promoting the history of the Cape Coast in Hawke's Bay; and developing and supporting its arts, culture and creativity.​

Join our Facebook Group, enter the discussion, keep up-to-date with our activities.

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